Things to Look While Buying Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – Reviews

reverse-osmosis-system1Everybody wants to provide safest water for his family and reverse osmosis water filter is a mean for this. With all the hype created for the benefits, these filters are in huge demand across the globe. If you are a potential buyer of the Reverse Osmosis water purification system then you need to know few reverse osmosis water filter reviews to help you make better decision. Not all of these water filters are created equal, so your buying decision will affect the purity of the water you get for your family out of the system.

Don’t worry, we will make you learn few tips that we have compiled from various buyer reviews of reverse osmosis water filter. The RO technology is a nascent technology for filtering water. You need to learn and understand various steps involved in the purification process to familiarize with various steps and technology or material used in each step. Here are few components you need to check for your effective purchase;

The Membrane:

Reverse Osmosis membrane is the vital component of any RO filter. Majority of complains are due to the low quality membrane used. Educating yourself with various brands will let you know what membrane is working out good and other not. There are many branded and other generic RO membranes available in the market. Try to go for high quality branded membrane as it is the component that ensures purity of water.

NSF Certified Products

Make sure that the products and materials used in making the water filter is NSF certified. These products ensure quality and durability of the whole reverse osmosis system. Stay away from the companies that do not disclose the makers of their parts. You may find a cheaper RO filter, but you would not like to make a purchase at the expense of your family’s health.

Durability of the RO Filter

It is difficult to analyze the durability of the filter without having a firsthand experience of the product. But there are few parameters to check for the durability. These include;

Weight & Sturdiness: High quality RO systems are made up of dense polypropylene material which adds weight to the overall structure. The products made with polypropylene are heat sensitive and sturdy as a rock and weighs almost 20 to 30lbs. lighter RO system are most probably be made up of plastic units which are more prone to wear and tear due to higher water pressure.

TDS meter: An RO system with TDS meter tells the Total Dissolved Solids in the filtered water. The companies that supply TDS meter are confident at their product to let you know the effectiveness of the filter system. If a retailer is not providing TDS meter with the system then there must be something wrong with the system.

Warranty Services: Reverse osmosis water filter, which offers guarantee and after sale services is one with assurance of their product quality.

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